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Sheet / Plate (Alloy)

The most common titanium alloy, Ti-6AL-4V is used in many applications including aircrafts. We are the only supplier that stock titanium alloy in Japan. We have different sizes available...

Round Bar (Alloy)

Compared to other metals, titanium alloy is stronger and more light weight. Titanium alloy round bars are used in diverse industries from aircrafts to motor sports to medical fields. We offer...

Round Bar (Pure)

Light weight and corrosion resistant these commercially pure titanium round bars are great for a multitude of products. The bars are available in different sizes...

Popular Products

Sheet / Plate (Pure Titanium)

Titanium sheets plates are the most commonly used form of titanium material It is corrosion resistant, has high...


Light weight and corrosion resistant, these titanium angles are used in multitude of products. We stock various sizes...

Flat Bar

Light weight and corrosion resistant, these titanium flat bars are great for a multitude of products. We have different sizes...

Hexagonal Bar

Pure titanium hexagonal bars used in products like fasteners as a corrosion resistant and weight material. We offer different...


Corrosion resistant titanium is used for these pipes which are great for factory piping or processing material. We have different...

Welding Rod

Titanium welding rods for gas tungsten arc welding. It is an essential part of the titanium welding process. We stock various ...

Lath and Mesh

Corrosion resistant and lightweight titanium lath and mesh material. We have different sizes and shapes including irregular...

Pipe Fitting

Titanium is used for its corrosion resistance but these can be used for factory piping just like our titanium pipes. We have...

Other Products

Sanitary Pipe Fitting

In many food and medical related manufacturing facilities, corrosion resistant stainless steel is commonly used, but in acidic environments that include...

Flange, Socket & Nipple

Titanium is used for its corrosion resistance, but can be used as fittings for factory piping. We have a wide range of sizes in stock as well as irregular...


Corrosion resistant and lightweight titanium fasteners. We stock a wide variety of sizes and types, including irregular ones. Feel free to reach out to us...

Spring Wire

A type of wire that has grater spring properties than the more common titanium material (pure grade 2 titanium). Corrosion resistant and high in specific...

Plate Spring

A type of plate that has grater spring properties than the more common titanium material (pure grade 2 titanium). Corrosion resistant and high in specific...


Medical Fields

Titanium is a highly biocompatible metal with low allergenic potential. That is why we recommend titanium for medical instruments and other products that come in contact with the human body. When used in various tools and containers, the lightweight and corrosion resistant titanium can help reduce strain on the user and prolong product life.

Devices & Equipment

The advantage of using titanium when manufacturing various kinds of equipment across industries is that, titanium is lighter than iron and stainless steel and has high resistance to corrosion. Plus, its detachability and non-magnetic properties make it an ideal metal for products that cannot be magnetic and require easy removal from the mold.

Food Industry

Titanium is perfect for use in the food industry for its biocompatibility and low allergenic potential. We especially recommend titanium in environments of high salinity concentration and places where frequent maintenance is impractical. Furthermore, titanium containers would make delivery and storage work easier on the workers thanks to its lightness.

Sporting Goods

The lightness and strength of titanium has made the metal a great choice for use in many kinds of sporting equipment such as golf clubs, tennis rackets, lacrosse sticks, skis, bicycle components, hiking and camping equipment, and kendo (Japanese fencing) helmets. Tokyo Titanium offers titanium materials at competitively low prices with quick delivery.

Heat Exchangers

At power and chemical plants, titanium is an essential material that is being used in a variety of equipment and devices, including seawater desalination systems, condensers, turbine blades, desulfurization devices, heat exchangers, reaction tanks, piping, electrodes and tank trucks. Contact us and find out how we can make your product better with titanium.


Titanium is often used as eco-friendly, insoluble electrodes in the electrolytic industry and can be found in a myriad of applications. We offer a wide range of shapes with surface finishing (Pt, Ir) already done. Feel free to inquire about our titanium and see if we can be of help in your business in ways you haven’t imagined.

Marine Industry

Due to the corrosion resistant nature of titanium, it is a great metal of choice for things that have to withstand seawater. That is why titanium can be found being utilized in many marine applications including ship propellers, shipboard hardware, heat exchangers and piping systems. We especially recommend titanium for products that cannot be easily maintained or changed regularly.

Aviation & Space

Lightness and strength is titanium’s biggest advantage, and particularly, the titanium alloy can be a lot more durable and lightweight than common metals like iron and stainless steel. Through our expansive global and local network, we are able to stock a wide range of titanium materials that meet ASTM, AMS, and MIL standards. Contact us today.


High specific strength, high corrosion resistance, low allergenic potential and non-magnetic — titanium boasts many properties that make it an extremely useful metal for products in a multitude of fields. We are the leading supplier of top quality titanium in Japan and we specialize in making custom prototypes to satisfy your demand.