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We are a titanium expert based in Japan Since 1982, we’ve been specializing in selling and processing titanium. We have a warehouse full of inventory, and boast our own processing equipment operated by expert engineers. We are able to find, make and deliver your ideal titanium products.

We stock titanium mill products that meet several international standards, as we have both a domestic and a global network. As for the processing, we have the equipment and expertise necessary to get the machining, sheet metal processing, and welding all done in-house. As for the designing, we can cater to whatever needs you may have and can help you in value analysis for cost reduction.

Tokyo Titanium is your number one stop for all titanium needs.

Company Overview
Name Tokyo Titanium Co., Ltd.
Head Quarters
Address 2-3-10 Kokaba, Iwatsukiku, Saitamashi, Saitamaken, Japan339-0072
Phone / Fax Phone:048-795-0470/fax:048-795-0473
Head Fact0ry
Address 2-2-9 Kokaba, Iwatsukiku, Saitamashi, Saitamaken, Japan339-0072
Phone / Fax Phone:048-794-8770/fax:048-794-8776
Outsource: Putter Factory Co., Ltd.
Address 3-1-4 Ueno, Iwatsukiku, Saitamashi, Saitamaken, Japan 339-0073
Phone / Fax 048-793-6680
Company Info
CEO Hideyuki Ozawa
Established July 1, 1982
Factory Established September 1, 1984
Capital 40,000,000Jpy
Business Operation ertified manufacturer of medical equipment/ advanced control medical equipment. License No.:11B1X10005/11BZ006002

Manufacturing and selling of titanium materials (round bars, wires, plates, pipes, hexagona bars), titanium panels, titanium nuts, bolts washers, heat exchangers, stainless steel heat exchangers, titanium heaters, baskets, tools and titanium protective tubes.

Our Banks Sumitomo Mitsui Bank Narimasu Branch
Saitama Resona Group Iwatsuki Branch
Mizuho Bank Itabashi Branch
Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UF] Soka Branch
Ashikaga Bank Iwatsuki Branch
Musashino Bank Iwatsuki Branch

Company History

July 1, 1982 – Established as a company that sells titanium materials and mill products in Wakoushi, Saitama prefecture.
November, 1991 – After closing down Adachi factory, a factory was established in Iwatsuki, Saitama, bringing in machining and plating equipment.
1997 – Second factory was opened in Iwatsuki.
– Purchased machining center and NC lathe.
1998 – Became a member of Japan Marine Industry Association.
2001 – Closed the older factory and collected all the machinery into the newer factory.
– Became a certified manufacturer of medical tools. License number: 11BZ6002.
2002 – ISO9001 JQA-QM7697 Certified.
– 20th Anniversary ceremony held.
2003 – Increased the capital to 40,000,000 JPY
2004 – Completed change to IS09001 JQA-QM7697 2000.
– Added two new NC lathes.
2005 -Added new equipment like water jet, band saw.
2006 -Adopted new business plan:
“Selling of new micro titanium heat exchangers, manufacturing of medical products, and2006
development of magnesium alloy welding technology.”
-Became a certified manufacturer of advanced control medical equipment. License number:11B1X10005.
2008 -Selected as one of Saitama City Leading-Edge companies.
-Received Achievement Award from Japan Titanium Society.
-Recognized in Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Kanto Bureau’s Research and Development of Community Resources Utilization Initiative Theme: “Saitama’s development of automation of titanium magnesium welding for the purpose 2008 of weight saving automobile parts.”
2009 -Selected as one of 2009’s 300 important manufacturing companies by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and Small and Medium Enterprise Agency.
-Recognized for the company’s contribution to the research project “Development of Zero PE Wear Femoral Head Component of Artificial Hip Joint.”
2010 -February: Authorized as part of JETRO’s Promising Export Projects Discovery and Support Initiative
-March: Received IS014001 No. JQA-EM6512 June: Selected as one of the companies supported in Strategic Foundational Technology Improvement Support Operation2010
-November: Authorized as one of Saitama prefecture’s Sainokuni Factories.
2011 – Installed new band saw.
2012 – Launched a new english website2012
– Received commemoration from GE Japan Global Partnership.
– 30 th anniversary ceremony held.
2013 -Became a member of JAMSTEC Supporting Assocition.
-Exhibited in the MD&(First overseas expo participation)
-Received grant-in-aid from The Small and Medium Enterprise Agency’s support initiative of prototype research.
-July: Received IS013485 certification
-December: Went on an inspection tour in Ireland
-December: Held a booth at MEDICA

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