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The Titanium Age: From Dream Metal to Practical Metal

Advanced processing technology of titanium based on our over thirty years of knowledge since 1982.

Tokyo Titanium, which specializes in producing titanium products, has released various commodities into the market. With the know-how we have accumulated, we constantly challenge ourse/ves to create new products. As for the design, our engineers are in charge of composing the technical drawings, with a clear sense of cost reduction. Examples of our technologies and designs are outlined below.

Micro Heat Exchanger

Strengths of Tokyo Titanium are extra-fine tube manufacturing, precise welding technology and accumulating know-how.

Tokyo Titanium has succeeded in developing the Ti micro shell and tube heat exchanger with 2mm ID and.3mm, which is generally difficult to weld by TIG welding.

Micro Heat ExchangerCompared to conventional heat exchangers, the effectiveness of our Ti heat exchanger is excellent and less installation space is required.

Pomp Casing

Tokyo Titanium has a coherent system from materials, processing, through to development. Based on our accumulated experience of more than thirty years, we are able to meet customers’needs. The coherent system results in short delivery times and high quality control.

Compared to the conventional casing made by casting, our pump casing made by plate metal welding is suitable for small lot production since a mold is unnecessary. Regarding materials, a small amount of material is used in our method compared to one made by casting. Short delivery time and low cost are available even for orders of a single piece.

Tokyo Titanium knows various methods of processing because of its longstanding business in the titanium field, offering best solutions for our customers Our design engineers make a blueprint and complete the offer. This is the Tokyo Titanium style!

Electrochemical Machining Electrode

(for Gas turbine air cooling hole)

Providing ultra-fine- pipes, Tokyo Titanium has manufactured extremely precise electrochem machining electrodes

1. Specification

Electrochemical Machining Electrode
Sizes: 0.8-4.3 dia. x 500~600L(extra fine pipe)
Structure: Fluorocarbon resin is coated on outer surface of Ti-CP pipe
Method: Electrochemical machining
Electrolytic solution: Nitric acid aqueous solution
Workpiece: Ni-Alloy Turbine Blade(casting)
Elliptical pipes can be manufactured as well as round pipes.
As for materials, not only Ti, but Ni-Ti, Inconel, hastelloy, Ta, Nb, Au, Ag, Pt and Zr can be utilized.
The application of precise pipes is diverse such as for medical, food processing and electronic components.

2. Application

Gas Turbine blade air cooling hole

(Fine deep hole)

What’s ECM

(Electrochemical machining) ECM is a metal machining process involving the removal of material from a workpiece by means of electrochemical erosion. This process is achieved by passing a high current electrical charge from the positively charged workpiece Pip through an electrolyte solution to the negatively charged cutting tool.

3. Requirement for Electrode Coating

・Nitric acid resistance
・Coating thickness tolerance: +5um
・Straightness: 0.5mm/1,000mmH or less

・Low friction
・Abrasion resistance
・adhesion(no spalling)

Application Range
・Outer surface of Ti Pipe

4. Process Quality

Technique and Cost
・Rationalization of process
・Fine accurate piping

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